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Access higher wisdom from 8 unique sources such as: your own wise self, spirit guides, loved ones who are in the spirit realm, animals, elements in nature, past life memories, angel guides, your body and more.

Find your own style of tuning in by sampling a wide variety of tools to gather information such as: writing, visualization, color, breath, sound, movement, sensing, posture, drawing and “coincidence”.

Learn a frame of reference for this skill set including: the difference between trance and conscious channeling, mediums, psychics; the importance of finding your own personal style of receiving information; how to channel for yourself and others; principles of opening and closing, discretion and the appropriate use of this tool, understanding energy, trust, and how to go beyond roadblocks.

Develop positive and natural ways to build this type of focusing into your life in an easy and comfortable fashion.
Expand your intuitive abilities
Gain new skills
Learn how to access 8 specific sources of higher wisdom
Learn to listen to and track the body and get to know your own body
... in a more powerful way
Expand the way you can serve
Learn your own unique ways to access infinite wisdom
Make better decisions!
Access genuine wisdom on a daily basis — with ease


Intuition is a natural skill. It is being able to tune in or tap into information beyond our known or seen senses. Learning to channel or direct your intuition to gain further insight is simply a matter of leaning to focus your attention.


Let us teach you how to tune in to your personal style of accessing your intuition and 8 specific outside sources of higher wisdom. There is incredible wisdom available in tTune inhe subtle and invisible realms.Let us teach you how to access this wisdom.

Channeling is an honored way to focus your attention. Learning to tune into intuition and outside sources of wisdom is a skill set, not a mystical gift. Develop a solid framework for this work that de-mystifies our natural talent. Find your own personal style of tuning in and trusting. Come practice the art of being open to your own intuition and gain a clearer understanding of yourself and others. This is a skill set that can be learned and we can teach you how to tune into a variety of sources of higher wisdom.


All are welcome to this foundation class. Since 1994, over 8500 students have attended this class. It has been taught in 5 countries and in over 45 cities by Founder, Lori Wilson, and the Inner Access 101 Trainers.

Participants include: practitioners in holistic healing modalities; people with no background in healing or intuition; parents; educators; writers; teens; doctors, nurses and counselors trained in allopathic medicine; business people; homemakers and artists. Most participants are looking to gain trust and feel more empowered in their lives. Many are just curious about intuition and exploring different sources of wisdom. People just like you! Traditionally we find that about one half of the class have little or no background with using intuition or channeling and the others have considerable experience. By the end of the training, it is very hard to distinguish between levels of experience. For those with experience, expand your skills and refine your ability to discern different sources of wisdom in a structured setting with a wide variety of tools and partners.

This practical 3 - day course includes a combination of discussion, teaching time, practice exercises as well as information and wisdom shared by the spirit guide that your trainer channels.

Whether you wish to learn this way of focusing for your own self exploration, as an accent to a current professional helping tool or as the pre-requisite to some of our more specialized training you will be certain to enjoy the learning and opportunities this course provides.


This training is open to all. It is a pre-requisite for those wishing to pursue Channeling as a Profession, Business Intuition and the 1-year Medical Intuition Training (referred to as Module 3).

Training Schedule / Flyer & Registration.

3 - Consecutive Days
Fri, Sat & Sun 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

$480.25 (CAN) ......$425. (USA)

Payment in full due upon registration. All CAN fees include HST.
Questions? ..............519-824-6655


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View listings of channeling practitioners that are certified with Inner Access 101. We are very proud to offer you this Resource Network of caliber professionals that have attended both the Access Intuition 101™ and Channeling As A Profession courses. They come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and geographic locations. Many of these channelers also offer additional health services. All are trained to do their work from a long distance and many also provide in person appointments. You are welcome to review the listing of practitioners available and make inquiries regarding their services and the guides they channel. Most practitioners provide you with an audio recording of your session. Enjoy!

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