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“I am delighted with the depth and calibre of this wonderful workshop Artist Intuition developed by Lori and Kelly. I am in the business of hosting workshops with world renowned speakers and only wish I could have hosted this one, as it’s one of the best I have participated in, in years. How grateful I am to now be motivated to get writing and express my own creativity, not only scouting out the talents of others."

Barbara Susan Booth
owner/director Sacred Wisdom Centre


"Lori Wilson's and Kelly Woodruff's Artist Intuition course is a magical mystery tour that
opens previously-unimagined gates of consciousness. In this three day program,
artists, from painters to dancers, from experienced to neophyte, will find illumination,
direction, and nourishment to realize their creative potential. Lori's and Kelly reveal
paths to Source Energy where ideas, answers, and guidance rise up easily in
response to whatever needs we have. On this journey, course participants also gain
entry to the great community of master artists across centuries, all of whom are now
available to us for whatever inspiration we need. Just as importantly, we gain full
ownership and identity as valid members of that arts community, with all the rights,
privileges, and acknowledgement as the master creators we all are.

Lori and Kelly interact seamlessly, providing a wealth of insights, interactive activities,
and individual experiences-- all presented with warmth, wisdom, and humor. The
program flows easily between lecture, discussion, guided meditations, sensory
explorations, and hands-on art activities, all the while unlocking and demystifying the
creative process. In doing so, the course also recasts the traditional artist archetype --
no longer restricted to the gifted select few but now open to all who desire it.

In addition to guided activities, participants are invited to develop an independent art
project on a personal theme. In short sessions participants find themselves repeatedly
immersed in the flow of artistic energy with a unique art piece effortlessly coming to life
over the three days. The sheer pleasure of creating easily and fearlessly-- seemingly
automatically---comes as a surprise and a joy. As tangible souvenirs of the program,
these works of art become living testimonials to this adventure in consciousness.

Thanks to Lori and Kelly, Artist Intuition presented participants with a fully-stocked
toolbox of practical techniques to return to that fabulous creative zone at will, blocks
banished. I enjoyed the course immensely and highly recommend it for those looking
to discover and liberate their inner artist. Artist Intuition is an empowering, mind-expanding
experience, and a sublime gift of spirit!"

Florri A., Boston, MA



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