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Training Benefits

Customer profiling


Target Identification

Conflicts Resolved

Save $

Save time

Better Management of People

Accelerate your Speed to Market

Create the Best Returns on Investments

Validate your Direction

Eliminate your Blindside

This exclusive Inner Access 101 training is for business professionals. Using this unique protocol, maximize your business edge or be a powerful resource for the business community.

Business Class
This training consists of three separate Modules, each building on one another. You are welcome to take one or all three. The Modules are presented in 2-day sets throughout the year.

Not only do you gain incredible skills in business intuition in this class, you also can receive added value. Take advantage of having your classmates focus on your existing or future business using their intuition during this experiential based learning. Create lasting resources for mutually rewarding future consultations.


Module 1 A Strong Foundation

Honing your own intuition
Using intuition for business applications versus personal use what is the strategic difference?
What sorts of energy or information sources will you encounter?
Clarity of your role as intuitive - how to get your head out of the way!
Who is the client?
Where will you be going to access the wisdom?
Tracking the truth
Tracking intentions and agendas of others
Tracking the “innate intelligence” of the business or project
Mission clarification for business & key players on the team
How to create an intuitive overview of your own business
Personal Guides and how they can help or hinder
Ethical applications of business intuition

Module 2 – Applying The Tools

Amplification tools
Applying business intuition to headhunting for staffing, project acquisitions, new territory,
scripts & casting
Relationships are the key to success - staffing optimization & conflict management
Relationship dynamics - How principals can best support team members (staff, colleagues, clients, casts, investors)
Tracking with multiple players
What is going on and how can you best impact team members to maximize productivity

Module 3 – On Track For Growth

Maximize and accelerate market research matched to past, present and future development
Product integrity and potential
Projections - immediate and long term
Investments, expansion, mergers & acquisitions
Tools to accelerate focus and intuitive accuracy
Project direction & maximizing opportunities
Creating a business vision that embodies both your “soul” and personal “mission”


I have never been happier with the match for our new CEO. Lori took our top 5 choices and explained the best fit without even seeing their CV's. Amazing! What a time saver.
J.B. Fortune 500. – Computer Technology, San Francisco, CA

Sitting down for a business intuition session last year gave us the impetus to make changes, clarify issues, recharge our passion and optimism, and envision the future through clear eyes. As the months pass we see more and more of what we worked on with Lori coming to fruition and profit.
Paula Bass and Karen Neath –
KBC Tools & Machinery,
Mississauga, ON


Within one month after Lori came our office for a 2-day consultation we revamped our staff, aligned ourselves as the two owners and began to write out our 5 year exit plan. Our sales in the four weeks after our business intuition think tank brought in more revenue than the first half of the year. We know it is directly related. Business Intuition is definitely real. Thanks so much!
K.W. & W. B. – Designers,
New York City, NY


“How do you explain the unexplainable? Let me try. Just like there is a soul in every human longing to express itself, so it is with every business. Lori and Susan demonstrate how to access what they term the "innate intelligence" of the business using very practical and fun exercises. If you want the full potential of your business to come to life and serve you, I highly recommend these classes.”
Trish Ayers, Sacramento, CA

Kelly, Doug and Lori sure packed a lot of learning in. I now have new tools that I can use for building my business. I can not believe how the genuineness, fun and real-factor of the instructors inspired me as much as the skills we learned.
William B. – Retail, Miami, FL


This training is open to those who have completed Access Intuition 101 or Sales Intuition 101. It is highly recommended that participants have experience in business settings.

Each Module is the pre-requisite to the next level.

Those demonstrating competency in this class will be eligible, if they wish, to promote their services via Inner Access 101 Internet Resource Network.

Training Schedule / Flyer & Registration.

Each Module is 2 - Consecutive Days
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

$565. (CAN) ......$500. (USA) (per Module)

Payment in full due upon registration. All CAN fees include HST.
Questions? ..............519-824-6655


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