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to the homepage of Lori Wilson and the channeled wisdom of Grandmother.Here you will find hundreds of opportunities to explore intuition-based learning and services.

• Since 1983, Founder Lori Wilson has been encouraging people to trust themselves, access their own intuitive skills and seek quality resources for their health. This vision continues to expand yearly. If inner access is what you are looking for, you are in the right place!

Lori Wilson• The dynamic team of Lori Wilson and Grandmother continue to inspire, de-mystify and offer direct access to higher wisdom through their daily and monthly channeled focus, On-Line Courses, books, Live Webinars, appointments and more.

• Visit the On-Line Intuition-Based Courses and download hundreds of learning opportunities that range from short mini lessons to more in-depth learning that you can enjoy and review in the comfort of your own setting. Expand your life, perspective and intuition skills today.

• To enjoy a private consultation with an individual question, 15-minute or 1-hour session visit the Appointment links above for channeling, medical intuition or past life insight.

Here are some of the hundreds of offerings in Ongoing Learning:

• Do you want some pointers on improving your intuition? Go to the 101 Tips for Improving your Intuition.
• Do you want to learn how to channel yourself? Meet a Spirit Guide or connect with loved ones who have passed on? Learn how to channel 8 unique sources of wisdom in the 24-hour On-Line Access Intuition 101 class.
• Are you looking for insight on a number of topics ranging from soul mates to world events? Visit the I'Q's (individual questions 5-10 min. lessons) or De-mystifying Lecture series (30 min. lessons)
• Do you want to meet 4 of your own Spirit Guides? >>
• Do you need help with your personal and energetic boundaries? >>
• Do you want to live without fear? >>