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I hope everyone is enjoying the gifted lessons on improving your intuition as we ready ourselves for 2013. I also wanted to take this opportunity to send out love and season's/solstice greetings to everyone. Grandmother the wonderful spirit guide that I have been channeling since 1989 gave us a dynamite lesson on last week's radio show that I wanted to share with you. Please forward it along to others as well or send them here to click on it. The teaching is all about preparing for 2013. We are in week 3 of 5 weeks of preparing. The lesson here is all about letting what she refers to as our "Organic Intuition" to flow. She distinguishes Organic Intuition from what we have been referring to as Intuition for many years. It is definitely worth a listen and it sounds like we have a ton to look forward to in the coming year. Enjoy!

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A new tip posted each day

Each day for the month of December. I am celebrating the change from old (pre-2012) to new paradigms (2013 and beyond) by gifting a free 30-minute lesson on Intuition to everyone each day. These are the first tips from the Series "101 Tips to Improve Your Intuition" as is posted on our website and On-Line Store at

When I speak about shifting paradigms this can include thinking, feeling, creating and certainly how we perceive ourselves and everything around us. Intuition, your natural birthright is expanding and evolving in new and dynamic ways. Expanded intuition is a skill set, not a mystical gift. Even people who do not want to acknowledge their intuition are finding they are getting more information that is 'uncanny' just popping in as the days go by. This is because the information around us much easier to perceive. We are evolving as human beings, just like technology and communication systems are evolving each day.

Enjoy these lessons on improving your intuition in real and practical ways. Do share this information with your friends. May we all smile, learn and move forward together as this important year comes to a close. In all you do in the coming years, like it or not — your intuition, most certainly will be coming with you.

December 1.............................................. Tip # 1


To Access Your Intuition You Have to Want to Use it

It helps to at least be willing to open the door if you plan on walking through it.

December 2.............................................. Tip # 2

You Have to See it as a Skill Set That Can Be Used

If we keep seeing intuition as a mystical, woo-woo phenomena that is only accessible to the chosen few, we will never be able to reclaim our natural birthright intuition that has been with us since the beginning of time. Let's re-frame intuition as a skill set - shall we?

December 3 .............................................. Tip # 3

You Have to be Willing to be "Boring" and Normal

Using your intuition in a natural yet honed way. It takes refinement and practice. Being normal and grounded while practicing is helpful while you engage in the process of connecting to what is typically invisible or inaccessible information.

December 4 .............................................. Tip # 4

Adopting the Position of ‘Teach Me’

Everything you could possibly want to know or access is out there. It is waiting and available. If you come with fear or preconceived ideas to the table, you will only grasp part of what is to be explored and learned. If you adopt the position of "teach me" to your learning, there will never be a limitation to what you can access.

December 5 .............................................. Tip # 5

Really Allowing Your Truths and Your Experience to Rule

You have to be the final expert on you. You are your own best authority on your experiences and intuition since you are living in your body and experiences 24-hours each day. Allow your intuitive experiences to be your own. Do not let someone else tell you what your experience means or how you should or should not practice connecting. Your way will always be your own.

December 6 .............................................. Tip # 6

Telling the Truth

Focusing on what is real and there, what is present for the moment is key in being able to explore and trust your intuition most optimally.

December 7 .............................................. Tip # 7

You Have to Be Willing to Be Wrong

Anything worth living and learning takes practice. Improving and expanding your intuition is no different. You will often be wrong in your intuitive perceptions. That is simply the way it is. Much of what can be perceived as inaccurate information also can come from the fact we have either interpreted the information rather than explored it and let it sit. Or, we can be wrong because we cannot see the value or accuracy in the bigger picture. You may not have all of the information in at the time that you deem some of your observations to be "wrong."

December 8 .............................................. Tip # 8

You Have To Be Willing To Be Right

Even more frightening for each of us can be the prospect of being absolutely 100% right about what your intuition telling you. Many times the specificity of what we get leads us to a realization that there is no possible way we have "made things up". The excitement and the privileged responsibility begins here.

Tip # 9 and 10 are coming.... Tip # 10 teaching is posted.
December 11 .............................................. Tip # 11

Can We Get Into Trouble Using Our Intuition

This question has been asked over and over throughout time. When fear is fashionable, often the answer is yes. That is not the real answer.

December 12 .............................................. Tip # 12

The True Veils Between The Worlds

If you are going to navigate between the worlds, best you have a simple and easy way to understand what keeps the visible and invisible worlds separate. The veil, like everything else is ever-changing. Come learn more!

December 13 .............................................. Tip # 13

When Frames Of Reference Are Out Of Date

When learning about the energetic and intuitive realms, it is very important to realize that most of the popular literature and even teachings carries frameworks with it that are quite dated. What may have been true in the 1980's or even 90's is certainly not applicable today nearly 20 or 30 years later. Somehow while technology, communications, education and other realms of interaction are updated regularly the field of energy and intuitive perception seems lag very far behind by way of updates. It is up to you to be discerning and inquisitive. By applying critical thinking and curiosity you can take the pearls of wisdom that may resonate with you and hopefully set as much down as you choose to pick up.

December 14 .............................................. Tip # 14

Finding Your Own Style

In intuition, as in life it is very important that you try a number of ways of interacting with energy. Every single person will have a different way of perceiving, receiving and interacting with their intuition. As such, celebrate that your way will most likely be different than others. While we can all share some commonalities and learn from other's teachings and experience always take what fits for you and just respect the rest as different.

December 15 .............................................. Tip # 15

Committing To Practice

While access to intuitive information is simple and immediate, it takes quite a bit of practice to feel confident in trusting these natural skills.

December 16 .............................................. Tip # 16

Who To Tell And What To Share

While it is important when you are using your intuition to not censor the information you are receiving you are still responsible for framing what you share with others. If someone has asked for a message, you would never filter or alter it. That said, you do not have to randomly go around sharing all your personal intuitive experiences with everyone. Not everyone will understand or want to know.

December 17 .............................................. Tip # 17

Is There A Sacredness To All This Intuition

While every person will answer this question differently throughout our lifetime, our opinions will change. There is a sacredness to intuition for all people.

December 18 .............................................. Tip # 18

What Can I Use Intuition For

Ultimately you can use your intuition for absolutely everything. Once you have honed it, however, you may prefer to use it only for specific things. Being able to turn your intuition off and on like a light switch allows you to use it more specifically when you need it.

December 19 .............................................. Tip # 19

Is There An On And Off Switch With Intuition

Many people experience a true challenge in not being able to turn on or off their intuition at will. It is something that should be strived for. This way we can utilize it very most effectively. Often times if we have grown up needing to gauge the safety of our environment in order to know how to behave or belong. It takes a little more practice to find the off switch. The fact that we are adults now and able to create our own safety can help give ourselves permission create boundaries and structure around this skill set.

December 20 .............................................. Tip # 20

How To Stay Sane Using Intuition

The most challenging obstacle we face in this day and age in developing our intuition is that the information is so readily available. The easiest way to stay "sane" while accessing the rich sources of information is to strive to normalize your skill set. Being grounded and balanced in your everyday life will also keep your head squarely planted on your shoulders.

December 21 .............................................. Tip # 21

Ways To Tune Into Intuition

There are so many different ways to tune in to your intuition and you will need to practice exploring several different methods in order to find out what style works best for you.

December 22 .............................................. Tip # 22

More Ways To Tune Into Intuition

Just when you thought you had some good ideas on how to connect with your intuition, there are more ways to practice.

December 23 .............................................. Tip # 23

When I Tune In ... Should I Not Be Feeling Something

Traditionally it required a great deal of discipline, effort sometimes even accident or illness to be able to pierce the veil and access spiritual realms. These days the veil between the everyday, walking-world and the invisible realms is quite transparent. Therefore it is more likely you will feel very different when you tune in. While this is exciting, sometimes we miss or expect the old ways.

December 24 .............................................. Tip # 24

Why Is It Easier To Access Information Now

Since 1989, the veil as mentioned yesterday has begun to thin markedly. When this happens information that traditionally took a lot of work to gather becomes more easily available. In 1995, there was a second shift. In 2001, a third major shift occurred. Since then the veil has been thinning exponentially. All of these energetic and evolutionary shifts have aloud us to access intuitive information in ways that are extremely straightforward. It is a very exciting time indeed.

December 25 .............................................. Tip # 25

Who Is Right

In the journey towards self trust, you meet many cross roads that may have you pause and doubt yourself and/or information you are receiving from others. Realize that your own sense of things — your own gut will always be your finest guide and need be the authority you trust the most. Many times we will think we have gotten information incorrectly and only later do we find out the information was very accurate.

December 26 .............................................. Tip # 26

How Would Your Life Change If You Trusted Intuition

At first it will feel like your life has changed 360 degrees because new worlds, information and opportunities will open up exponentially. With consist ant practice and application your life will feel more and more normal with these added benefits. It is important that we all work hard to normalize this natural skill set for ourselves and those around us.

December 27 .............................................. Tip # 27

Role Of Discretion

If you are going to use your intuition respectfully it is paramount to respect other people's right to privacy. This means only focusing your intuition on others when asked and maintaining confidentiality with the information you are privalaged to access.

December 28 .............................................. Tip # 28

Role Of Orientation

If you are going to share anything about intuition or information gained by using intuitive skills, it is very important to orient others to your skills in a solid context. Take time to explain where you are getting the information from and in what situations or context you use it. You need not overwhelm others with too much detail, but a rounded orientation is always helpful to everyone.

December 29 .............................................. Tip # 29

There Was A Time When You Did Know All Things

Whether it was earlier in you life or perhaps in another lifetime, there most definitely have been several times when you have known all things. Building that skill set is just a matter of time and remembering.

December 30 .............................................. Tip # 30

Bridging Wisdom

It is important that while you gather new information about what is available in the energetic realms that you also integrate it with day to day living.

December 31 .............................................. Tip # 31

Too often when we are considering  developing our intuition our mind jumps in and gets in the way with its considerations, fears or worries. The mind is never our enemy. It simply needs information and a context for exploring expanded experiences. So make sure you educate and thank your mind for putting it's considerations forward and then spend time looking into information and frameworks that will allow you to continue exploring in ways that make your mind more comfortable. It is an ally, a friend to you in the end. Treat it with respect and it will help you pay attention, ask discerning questions and track important details as you explore this exciting world of intuition.

Today ends the wonderful month we have shared exploring some of the foundation tips of improving your intuition. The information and lessons are timeless and so do enjoy them over and over again. For those who want to learn more throughout this exciting year of 2013, consider getting the Access 101 Pass for only $49. for an entire year of access to more lessons and topics on intuition, life, health, relationships and more. For those who enjoy having a daily focus or anchor to the wise and expanded world of spirit — do consider becoming a Council Fire Member. Full details for both are on our On-Line Store/Website. Thank you for the opportunity to share this work and world that is filled with so much resources, compassion and depth! All the best in 2013.

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Posted on November 29, 2012 [ Lori Wilson ]

Enjoy listening to Grandmother's wise and assuring channeled message about 2012. This 10-Min. reminder should keep us all on steady track for the balance of this year as well as into 2013. Enjoy!


Posted on October 6, 2012 [ Lori Wilson ]

Animals are very present in my life and always have been. At last count I believe we have had 43 different pets over the last few decades. Since 1996, I have been channeling a daily message about the energetic climate of the day from my wonderful spirit guide, Grandmother. These are not random feel good messages, rather she gives us a head's up about the day and how to best maximize our energy, learning and productivity. At least once a week, Grandmother brings us to a setting with an Animal as she primes us for the learning of the day. We also value the partnership with animals by teaching people how to connect with their animal spirit guides in our Access Intuition 101 class as a source of support and guidance.

Our Inner Access 101 Urban Raccoon Only 5 feet from our porch.


What I do overlook from time to time, and should know better, is how connected all animals are to us every single moment of the day. They are truly incredible. Today we were on a family outing and my third son was talking with the wasp that was circling us. He calmly reported that the wasp had no intention of leaving . Hearing this we just sat more quietly and closed our eyes when it flew near our faces. Being calm around bees and wasps is something we have taught our kids to do from an early age. One it helps them not see them so they are less afraid. And secondly, it allows us to just be quiet and with the insect that is just as busy in its day as we are in ours. Today was a wonderful day to be reminded to practice what I teach.

When we came home we pulled out our tried and true Medicine Cards book by Jamie Sams and David Carson published in 1988. It is a book with a lovely deck of cards explaining of what various animals are here to teach us. It is a book that sat, well-loved and used on my bed stand for at least 15 years. We pulled it out and asked a few questions to see which animal helpers would show up. Enjoying the trip down memory lane, Lily our black cat , raised herself onto her haunches and did her best weasel impression while staring at the back porch door. I said to my husband "it's too early for the raccoons to be out, but this is her 'raccoons are here' poise." So sure enough, while it was only 7 p.m. the raccoon twins who dig in my plants each night were out on their rounds. Stewart managed to get this beautiful video of one of them.

You don't have to be in the wilderness for animals to visit you. We live right in the middle of a city. Every night, another visitor has become a family favorite. For this entire summer we have also felt drawn to go outside our front door to catch a glimpse of the young skunk that trundles on by any time between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. It parades right along the front of our house and garage. The other night came right up to the front door to 'call on' our son. The best part is that we sense when the skunk is there. How fun is that? I have yet to grab the camera in case we startle our front door friend, but am deeply touched by the fact that not only can we feel and sense him, but that he comes at the most amazing times. The visit always highlights a thought or conversation that we are having.

I am grateful for the reminder today of how precious and available animals are. I am also glad my teenagers keep welcoming their teachings into daily life in such a matter 'o' fact way. Don't all families leap up to spot the skunks when they are sensed through a solid door? No matter what size, shape or species animals are open to communicating with us all the time. So next time you just feel drawn to get up and look out your window or door, do so. There just might be a special friend there to say hello and support you in remembering that we are never alone and that our hearts are most definitely witnessed!

Posted on July 23, 2012 [ Lori Wilson ]

Well. Here is an adventure I am glad to be embarking upon. About two years before my last child was born, I started for no known reason to gain weight, 40 lbs. to be precise in just a few months. I went to my doctor to advise him that my thyroid had likely dropped Iodine Bottle Plantout onto the sidewalk. He did the tests and everything came back within normal range. The weight never left. When I did get pregnant, needless to say I only gained about 20 lbs. since I already had the extra pre-delivered.

That blessed extra weight has been a constant companion now for many years and despite having a very healthy lifestyle nothing has made it budge. Never having been overweight before I was quite an avid researcher as to what might have become imbalanced in my body. All of my own self scanning kept pointing to some heavy metals and mostly my thyroid. I do not overeat, and if anything I under eat. Many who know me when I work claim I prefer to be a breathairian. So I have efforted to eat more regularly as a daily habit. In the last decade or so I have tried raw food, host of supplements, energy balancing, looking at emotional roots, parasite and yeast cleanses, kelp, increased exercise, food combining and more. Not one to give things a half attempt I made sure that whatever I tried – I would stick with it for a minimum of six months. Many things I have done for years simply because they make me feel healthier. I often joke that being such a Momma Bear it is just my perpetual pregnant body, but it really is not a joke at all. As any of you who may have struggled with a weight challenge will know, the more you try and get no results, the more discouraged you become.

This week, one of my good friends commented about an article she had read about iodine and how it was important in health. She spoke about how on the periodic table the other elements above iodine – specifically chlorine, fluorine and bromine are very imbalanced in our modern westernized society. Many people are suffering iodine deficiency with fairly serious consequences. After reading the article from one of the links I gave my mind another glimmer of hope. After speaking to my colleagues who are health professionals, it felt right to check it out. A swab of a special type of iodine (available at many quality health food stores) was done. Simple test really. The practitioner said that if that was swabbed on my skin disappeared within 6 - 12 hours, I was likely iodine deficient. I could contact her tomorrow for follow-up. While I was shopping in the store I could actually feel my body drinking it in. I could taste it in the back of my throat, even though she had swabbed it on my wrist. I track energy for a living so I was confident that I was actually tasting it in my body versus energetically tasting it. It was quite amazing.

I went to buy my groceries at another nearby store and within an hour noticed that the very obvious swab mark was virtually gone entirely. So I backtracked to her store and showed her my wrist. Yes, indeed my body was iodine deficient according to that particular marker. I was elated to have confirmation of what I knew in my own wisdom was true. As I drove home I was hopeful. I remembered the many times as a young teen when I would wander down to the beach and eat select kelp that had been washed up on the shore. Perhaps I had been deficient even then.

Not one to be running after the latest fads, I do respond when research and my body shout out in alignment. So I am now going on this new adventure. I am grateful for my friend and her sharing this timely information. My body and cells are pretty happy with it so far. I am reminded daily in my work how one mineral, one muscle, one nerve, one hormone out of balance can make such a huge impact on our health and body. While the body is an extraordinarily complex system of compensation and rebalancing – what if one mineral, one relieved muscle, one supported nerve, one rebalanced hormone did make a difference in lightening the load for the body overall? While positive health is layered and ever-changing – what if we do find that treatment, that remedy, that surgery, that mineral that does makes all the difference in tipping the scales (in my case perhaps even real scales) in our favour? Hopefully we can all be inspired to keep looking for the missing pieces of our health puzzle. Is iodine my missing piece? Only time will tell. Stay posted!

Posted on July 12, 2012 [ Lori Wilson ]

I took this photograph today of the strawberries that are growing in my tiny but well-tended back porch, urban garden. They are delicious of course, but with a large family one might wonder why grow one plant so you can taste only a few berries each – that is if Basket Strawberriesthe birds do not get to them first. To me, the answer is simple. I had always wanted to have strawberry plants growing on a piece of land where my barefoot children could wander to any time of day to feast on the bounty in life's garden. Well – two of my four children are already grown and gone. One has a perpetual foot out the door so I can see it soon enough. Our youngest has a few more years however, now the trails have been blazed I imagine it will be but a blink and then there will be none at home to walk barefoot through the garden I never materialized.

And so the strawberries that grow on my porch are not decorative nor for jam. They are symbolic. They mean that I love strawberries allot. They also mean that I love my children more. That although I have not been able to give them a large garden on that dream piece of land – they have been loved, fed and tended beyond measure. I do not look at the strawberries and ache for the land. I ache at how much love I have for my children. It is that crazy love that many parents know and it just keeps getting stronger with each passing day. Who would have ever believed it! Love is such a very strange experience. We need it, seek it and live for it. It also hurts, confuses and ties our hands and hearts up in all sorts of interesting configurations. I would not change a thing.

So enjoy the reminder of how sweet and precious all life is. When I was a teen my Nanny taught me to tend to plants and enjoy a porch garden. Whenever I repot or plant anything I think of her strength, beauty and love of puttering. Love whatever you love as much as I love strawberries and my children. Even though we may never feel as if we have enough of what have dreamt, there is an endless bounty in life's garden. Tend to it daily. I am so grateful every day for the chance to not only love my family but all people in our Earth's porch basket.

Posted on July 5, 2012 [ Lori Wilson ]

It feels appropriate, even bittersweet that I would be launching this blog shortly after teaching my 19th yearly class in Channeling as a Profession. Every time I teach any of my work, I am proud and humbled by the ease with which everyone picks up the skills. Of course, they are innate within us all - but even after all these years I still smile at the genuine surprise and delight in people's eyes as they make or rekindle deep connections. And so thank you. Thank you to all of our students, graduates to my colleagues, and clients – to you for any time you have dared reach out in trust hoping to find a thread of connection.

Community WebMy first daring to 'reach' came in the fall of 1989 when I was struggling as a young mother of two non-sleeping children, searching to find some source of wisdom that could support me as I made one of the most important decisions of my life – to end my first marriage. I took to my journal every night and wrote, drew, cried, prayed, made lists and scribbled.

One night the most beautiful consolation figure appeared inside my mind's eye. She told me she was my Grandmother from another lifetime when we had lived as family in the Wind River area of Wyoming in the 1400's. And so in the freedom of what I only knew might be my imagination I wrote and wrote. I asked her questions that had been in my soul for years. I learned at her spirit knee with my colored pens in those few hours of precious quiet in the night. It was not until many months later that a good friend suggested that this might be something beyond creative imagination – that indeed I might be channeling. After asking "what is that?" I did some reading from the one or two books I could find available on the subject at that time.

I learned that channeling is straightforward. You set your intention to connect with the spirit realm and ask for a Guide to come and support you. It appeared to be something that you could turn on and off at will – like turning on and off a light switch. Ok then, whatever this creative imagination, journal ling, possibly channeling thing I was doing – I already knew it was private and helpful. So I continued for months to turn to my "spirit" Grandmother for perspective and connection. Being a social worker, I had seen first hand how close creativity, searching and personal challenge could blur definitions of what was 'real' and bring us journeying into realms where medication was the only known answer. I had a full grasp on reality but this new and additional invisible reality was making more sense with every interaction.

After a few months, word spread and people started to seek me out for appointments. They now wanted to speak to this wise and loving Grandmother that I could access by simply turning my attention to her with the flip of my intentional light switch. Years later she asked me to write a book The Resting Place with her teachings and words in it. One teaching spoke so poignantly. It was all about this invisible connection that we all can access. It reads … "Many of us are working hard every day, spinning and holding up the invisible web so that the day those who trust in their hearts and hold up their hands to grab hold, we will all be there for them. The web will be there and will not let them down. They will feel it. It will become theirs and they will not let go. It will light up sparks of love and healing, and energy will flow so abundantly that even the Earth Mother will weep and give prayer thanks that her children have grown into their wisdom."

I reached out and found Grandmother. Since then, her words and connection have been validated and unfold daily. The invisible, natural, spirit world is just as real as what she refers to as our "walking world". I have had the privilege of sharing the skills of how to access deeper connections with thousands in my career. And so, I want to thank you also for searching, for wanting to connect with more, for wanting to explore what is unseen but is most certainly there for each and every one of us. The web – and ever so much more is there. Thank you for reaching out.


Posted on July 1, 2012 [ Lori Wilson ]

A good friend of mine introduced me to blogging a long time ago. Himself an avid blogger and always on the leading edge, he encouraged me to blog in a rather insistent way. So I looked up a few sites to determine what it was all about. Finally I presented him with my wondering saying "I cannot figure this out. It seems like people are just writing thoughts, articles, ideas or rants down on line. Is blogging some sort of virtual diary?" And why oh why, I wondered would anyone want to let others into their lives or head any more than we already do? Years later, my trail blazing friend is still blogging. Countless friends and colleagues are also doing it – all with their unique styles. Stewart has been patiently encouraging me to blog for years as well. So here I am finally blogging!

I realize now that most of my years of resistance was that I was worried I would have to answer even more emails in a day than I already do. I thought I had to comment on the comments made on my comments. I knew I just did not have that time. So thanks to Stewart and his recent reassurance that I do not have to have comment section I am now sticking my toe in the exciting and very unfamiliar waters of blogging. Given that I explore unseen realms for a living – it is rather humorous that technology remains the only realm that unnerves me. That said, here I go …





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