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What if you could learn high powered intuitive tools to increase your sales
and maximize your time – in just one day?


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Cultivate your natural intuition to a totally new level to increase your sales.

Know when to make those sales calls and to whom for optimal results.

Discover what is standing in the way when you are procrastinating and how you can get back on track and succeed.

Access higher guidance for clarity, to build confidence and increase sales.

Use your intuition to best manage your time in relationship to your sales.


Those who excel at business and sales often talk about the element of trusting their gut or their instincts. To date that intuitive sense, while present, has been relatively unquantifiable hence hard to package, replicate and access at will. Not anymore.

This 6-Hour action-packed On-Line Webinar will increase your sales potential.

Hand ShakeBuild your existing skill set. Whether you are an entrepreneur who is the sales person for your products or services, or a career Sales Professional - come ready for a day that will move your sales forward in dynamic and measurable ways.

All of this and more is waiting. Build your existing skill set. Come ready for a day that will move your sales career forward in dynamic and measurable ways!



I thought I knew a great deal about how to use my instinct in business and generating return sales. Not only was this day helpful in really nailing how to use my time it was a blast as well. Thanks so much.
Pete D, Toronto, ON


I was pleasantly surprised at how each participant discovered how much natural intuition they already had. It was amazing how we received helpful information for ourselves and others with the practice of the tools that Lori and Susan brought to us. I recommend these classes and these teachers highly.
Celeste Leonetti, Sacramento, CA

Honestly, having taken these courses, they are absolutely amazing. They not only have made me more connected on many levels but they have also made me a better person, teacher and in my marketing and sales. I can't recommend them enough.
D.D. – Marketing, Author,
Los Angeles, CA


There are not pre-requisites for this On-Line Webinar training. All are welcome.
This 6-Hour Sales Intuition Webinar or/ the On-Line class, Access Intuition 101, serve as the pre-requisite for the advanced in-class training in Business Intuition for Professionals.

Coming spring of 2016

Training Schedule / Flyer & Registration.

$111.87. (CAN) ......$99. (USA)

Payment in full due upon registration. All CAN fees include HST.
Questions? ..............519-824-6655


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