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Do enjoy browsing through our listing of graduate practitioners. All of the practitioners listed on this page have successfully completed our programs and are certified by Inner Access 101. While Inner Access 101, Lori Wilson and/or any of the Trainers do not accept personal responsibility or liability for services provided by our network practitioners we can assure that they have achieved competency in the foundation skills in the classes they have taken with us. As consumers of any any service, we encourage you to be discerning, educated consumers and active partners in your own team building.

It is important to note that many practitioners listed here have been trained in and/or certified in our protocals. They may also have developed their own tailored applications of these foundation skills. Please inquire with each practitioner about how they are offering their own unique applications of their work.

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Business Intuition




April Danann
Baltray, Co. Louth, Ireland
Complete Services Offered:

Medical Intuition
Mind-Body-Nutritional Medicine
Courses & Lectures - Practitioner Health & Safety,
Closing the Energy Leaks ©
Contact Info: 

April Danann
ph: +353 (0)87 236 1616
Baltray, Co. Louth, Ireland






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