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Conceptual theories and uses for age & past life regression.
Ways to induce the relaxation process and keep the client focused, the art of respectful attending and keeping yourself out of the way.
Exploration of the connections between physical symptoms, fears, phobias and their roots in early childhood or past lives.
How to search for relationship connections as well as historical, cultural and geographical information, and overcoming repeated patterns and obstacles that still affect our present lives.
How to maximize or uncover gifts, talents and strengths and explore the purpose of this present life as well as agreements made with key players.
Experiencing and understanding birth, death and the interlife process.
Suggestions for clients of how to process and frame the information retrieved after the session as well as recommendations for further follow up.
Linking retrieved information with research to validate findings.
Positive frameworks for practitioners including presenting this work to others, business recommendations, preparing your work area and recording methods.
Recommended resources and reading list.



Increasingly, helping professionals are being called upon to use support resources from other disciplines to mobilize deep insight from within their clients. Training in Regression Works gives existing professionals from all disciplines an added tool to facilitate this type of deep exploration in a relatively short period of time. As our frames of reference continue to expand, it is increasingly important to understand, at many levels, what may be influencing our clients' present lives.

Regression work can be a very useful tool to assist clients in moving forward. Whether one believes the recollections are from actual childhood or past life memories or simply a creative imagination exercise, the results and insight gained are very powerful. Regression is one tool that can access the root of the matter in a very time-efficient, client-centered fashion.


Since most of the Training offered through Inner Access 101 is intuition-based, it is important for potential students to realize that in this work The practitioner is not intuitively uncovering the past life image for the client. Rather, the client is recalling the images, memories and drawing their own concurrent realizations.


Past life regression work involves using a deep relaxation method to create a state of mind which allows you to image and access memories from past life experiences. Regression is a distinct technique differing from hypnotherapy. Age regression uses a similar relaxation technique and focuses on retrieving memories from earlier in current childhood.


Clients will choose one or a few areas in their life that they wish to explore more fully during the relaxation. Some areas regression can be most useful for is to uncover the roots of life long patterns, relationship connections and/or issues, fears, phobias, illness, and chronic pain. Clients may also wish to explore hidden personal talents and strengths. They may find validation discovering that certain geographic locations / cultures / time periods that have held deep fascination are connected in new ways. And so much more!


Your skill as the facilitator is understanding the process and types of experiences that the client may have while doing a regression. This training encourages respectful attending as we witness others reacquaint themselves with what they already know but may have temporarily Relaxationforgotten. It is a tool that uncovers and empowers. It is one that is being more actively sought by clients to help them move forward by “going back”.


This training is now only available in an On-line / Webinar format.

• Download your 20 Modules of On-line training.
• The 20-hours of Webinar/Audio learning accompanies your downloadable Manual of 100+ pages.
• This training is for professionals with a minimum of 2 years' experience in a helping/healing field.


• If you wish to be certified in this Regression Works training you can also attend a 2-day Certification Training offered twice yearly.

Please note:
• You must have purchased the On-Line/Webinar training prior to registering for this Certification.

In this 2 - day certificate training, time is spent reviewing key concepts from the training material and practicing the regression techniques with supervision. Participants will both conduct and receive 3 regressions in the 2-day certification. Enjoy the additional value from actually getting to explore different regressions yourself in this in-depth, hands-on Training. Participants will be prepared to conduct regressions upon completion of this training and may chose to conduct full 2 - hour regression sessions or combine the skills learned with their existing tools.

To receive a certificate for the 5-day Training in Regression Works, participants are required to complete all five Training days and demonstrate professional competency in the class practicum.

PRE-REQUISITE: Minimum of two years' experience in a helping field.

MARKETING & PROMOTION: Practitioners who participate in this certificate Training are eligible, should they choose, to promote their services via Inner Access 101 Practitioner's Listing on our web site / On-Line Store. There is a one time life time fee for listing.


Certification Training Schedule / Registration.

2 - Days ...... 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

This comprehensive certificate Training is open to a maximum of 40 participants per class. If the "Add to Cart' button is no longer beside the certification date, this means that the class is filled.

$1299. Payment in full due upon registration.

Questions? ..............519-824-6655


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